4 Piece Ohuhu Grinder – Elegant Black

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4 Piece Ohuhu Grinder

This 4 piece Ohuhu Grinder is a small, but powerful device with sharp teeth that you can use to grind up herbs, tobacco, marijuana, and other small plant materials.
This Ohuhu Grinder is crafted with heavy duty zinc alloy with a popular color of elegant black. The 55 sharp grinding teeth can chop your herbs into the proper sizes. This is great for herb vaporizers, rolled paper joints and marijuana pipes of all shapes, sizes and materials.
Save the sticky fingers and smelly hands you get from conventional methods of chopping marijuana / herbs / tobacco / spices. No more gummed up scissors with this Ohuhu® Herb Grinder. It is just what you need..

Beautiful, heavy duty metal grinder. It is very sleek looking and is small and portable for taking with you anywhere. The grinding blades are sharp and work well when grinding/crushing and are controlled with a little metal handle that flips down for travel. The grinder consists of 4 pieces and a small rubber spatula. The top grinder piece is connected with a strong magnet and is easy to rotate for grinding by using the handle. The other two pieces, the mesh and the other cap are connected with a threaded screw-on connection. The brand name is on the top, this is the only marking on the piece.

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