5 Piece Herb Grinder in Premium Giftbox by FC

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Premium FC Herb Grinder

This lightweight and super durable 5 piece herb grinder, made by FC (Finest Collection), is uniquely designed to ensure it stands out in terms of both quality and design. Each FC Herb Grinder is precisely milled from the same piece of aluminum using latest CNC technology. This ensures all parts fit together tightly so they can be used interchangeably, which means you can use the FC Herb Grinder as 3 or 4 piece grinder if you prefer to bring a smaller grinder out for the day.

fc-herb-grinder-3 FC Herb Grinder

This 5 piece has two filtration stainless steel mesh screens for ultra fine pollen and the new octagon lid together with the poly O-ring design provides you with better grip for easier grinding.

The team at Finest Collection aims to bring you the only high quality and stylish herb grinders. Every single FC Herb Grinder is also carefully inspected in USA to ensure you receive the best. FC is taking over.

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