Anaxy Star Grinder – The Worlds Most Creative Weed Grinder

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Anaxy Star Grinder

Is the Anaxy Star Grinder really the most creative weed grinder? It just may be. This 2 inch grinder doesn’t just grind and store your weed, it dispenses it as well. You may have seen this before with the Alpaca Grinder but i can bet you haven’t seen one like this.

Anaxy Star Grinder Anaxy Star Grinder

The Anaxy Star Grinder  is made from 9 thread-less pieces that are connected through very strong neodym magnets. The next part is what really makes this grinder unique. This is the only weed grinder on the market that allows you to store different strains of bud and grind each strain separately. That is one cool weed grinder. Or is it?

After researching and watching some videos on this thing, it seems it may have some flaws such as not having directions one how to use it. It can be a pretty confusing grinder. Decide for yourself and give it a go.



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