Best Online Head shops

Top 3 Best Online Head Shops For 2017

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Top 3 Best Online Head Shops For 2017

Buying a new pipe or bong can be pretty exciting but trying to find the best online head shops may not be. You want to make sure you’re getting a quality piece. If you’re buying online, which most people seem to do these days, then we definitely recommend the head shops below. These are the top 3 best online head shops around.

Best Online Head shops

3. Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel is a great online headshop because of their great prices and free U.S. shipping. They have a very nice selection to choose from and if you’re looking for Dab Rigs, Scientific Glass, or a very unique one of a kind piece, then this is your place.  The prices won’t break your bank either. You can also find a wide range of glass hand pipes, sherlocks, bubblers and a large variety of vaporizers. To assure quality they only work with all of the major trusted U.S. glass brands. Keeping it in the U.S. also makes the (discreet) shipping a lot better. Not only is it free to ship, you usually receive your orders within just a few days.


2. Grasscity

Grasscity is probably known to many as the real #1 online head shop in the game. They are one of the best online head shops around. Being around since 2000, they are one of the originals and it’s hard not to know about them. The only reason we put them second is because of long shipping times to the U.S. but being they’re located in Amsterdam it should be expected. However, they do now have a new section of pipes, bongs, and vaporizers, that are all shipped from the U.S. and there is well over a 1000 of them to chose from. This is definitely the best online head shop when it comes to variety. They have everything. Literally thousands of items and because there is so much to choose from you’re sure to find a piece that suits your needs in both price and quality.

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1. Billowby

Billowby has become a new personal favorite. They hit the scene with a customer-first approach and it seems to be paying off. To start off their customer service is incredible and anything you order is packaged in a simple brown box addressed from Olski Inc. with no mention of Billowby at all. They offer a wide variety of all the top and newest brands. You’ll find pieces that no other online head shops carry. Their personal relationships with vendors allows them to sell some of the newest and coolest smoking accessories around. The only downside to Billowby is the fact that they sell out so fast because so many people prefer them. Not to worry though, they do restock. If you’re in the market for a new piece, this is the place to check first. You won’t be disappointed.


The REAL #1 Online Head Shop…. DankStop!

So it turns out DankStop is the shit and we’re putting them at the top of the list. Sure the post is suppose to be the top 3 online head shops but who cares. There are so many shops these days, its hard to keep up. This place has all of the new and hottest brands, our new favorite being Mathematix Glass. They stock a long list of American made glass and offer free U.S. shipping on all products. Another plus is that their hassle-free returns and customer service are remarkable. So when it comes down to it, with prices, shipping and selection, DankStop takes it.


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