Cool Weed Themed Halloween Costumes For Him and Her

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Halloweed is amongst us. Time to get those weed themed Halloween costumes ready. Let’s face it, other than 420 day, this is the only time of year one can dress up like a giant rolled blunt.

Below we put together all of the best weed related costumes out there. For him, her, and even a dog. 

Weed Costumes For Him

Pothead Costume $37.95
Big Head Rasta Mon Costume $73.42
Legalize Marijuana Costume $35.27
Weed Man Costume $29.95
Weed Suit "Cannaboss" Costume $99.99
Bag Of Weed Costume $27.97
Giant Rolled Blunt Costume $29.99
Giant Spliff Costume $49.99
Doctor Ken Abyss Cannabis Costume $28.47
High Seas Cannabis Pirate Costume $57.00
Weed Leaf Mask $18.24
"Bong King" Bong Costume $20.78

Weed Costumes For Her

Cannabis Pirate Maiden Costume $66.00
Weed Brownie Baker's Costume $29.49
"Head" Nurse Cannabis Costume $21.78
Poison Ivy Villian Weed Costume $32.00
The SexyAss Stoner Bitch Costume - $59.75
Nurse Anita Reefer Costume - $37.79

...And One For The Dog

Rasta Dog Costume - $6.95

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