Gravitron Bong – The All Glass Gravity Bong

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Gravitron Bong – The All Glass Gravity Bong

The famous Gravitron Bong from Grav Labs is an affordable, all glass gravity bong. Those days of filling buckets and cutting 2 liters are gone. The Gravitron is the first of its kind all glass gravity smoking system and is the most efficient glass gravity bong on the market.

To help conserve your herb, the inner chamber actually holds the smoke until it’s drawn out for use. It’s made of super thick glass for durability and comes in two sizes, both large and extra large. Another extra perk, besides being pretty cheap, is if a piece breaks it can easily be replaced at a reasonable price. All in all, this is a great low priced piece that will get you pretty damn baked. After all, it is a gravity bong.

$67.99   BUY IT HERE 


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