Hydrology9 Vaporizer: The Most Unique Dry Herb Vaporizer Ever

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Hydrology9 Vaporizer

The Hydrology9 Vaporizer is probably the coolest dry herb vape on the market today. This thing has taken vaporizing dry herbs to a new level of awesome. Just when you think vaporizing couldn’t get any smoother, it does.

The Hydrology9 is the first vaporizer to use water filtration. Much like a bong does with smoke, the vapor is cooled down using water. It sounds like it can be messy but not to worry, it’s completely leakproof.

This is a vape that can really turn heads. It’s attention to detail and sophisticated design really lures you in. The mixture of brushed aluminum and glass makes it look like something from the future. Especially when it lights up during operation.

$249.00   BUY IT HERE

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