Icky Stick: The Smoothest Hitting Stealth Pipe

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The Icky Stick

The Icky Stick is a sleek and stealth pipe that claims to be the smoothest way to smoke your bud. That may be hard to believe mainly due to the fact that it’s made completely from stainless steel. Obviously, there’s most likely a smoother hitting piece out there, especially with all of the crazy bongs on the market these days. There’s just one problem…. bongs break and you can’t just stroll around with your 12in double percolator bong. Although that would be cool.

icky stick

That’s where the Icky Stick becomes your best friend. This thing, although made from stainless steel, really does deliver smooth hits. It’s precision crafted with a unique maze filtration system and is engineered to stay cool using a 32cm maze-like path. If your’re looking for a stealthy pipe that is near invincible and hits great, this is the way to go.

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