Mama P’s Grinder: The Last Grinder You’ll Ever Buy

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Mama P’s Grinder

Mama P’s Grinder has become the best weed grinder available today. This 7 time High Times ” Best Product Award” winning grinder is pricey but worth it. You’ll more than likely never buy another grinder again.

Mama P’s Grinders are all made in the USA. They feature the very best in grinder technology and quality. However, what really sets this grinder apart from the others is the precision manufacturing that makes grinding so smooth and easy. It’s an operation you’ll have to feel to believe.

Some other award winning features include having the deepest well, an airtight magnetic seal ( for freshness), and the 60 micron Titanium removable screen. So instead of having to trash your grinder when the screen clogs or rips, you can easily just clean or replace the one you have.

Mama P's Grinder

To make things even cooler, the top of the grinder comes equipped with a built in ashtray but it doesn’t end there. The ashtray also doubles as a lighter holder that fits the LighterMate perfectly and each grinder should come with a LighterMate that matches the color grinder you have chosen. Mama P’s grinder exceeds all expectations. Get yours while you can.

$144.99-$239.99  BUY IT HERE


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