Nuggy: The Pot Smoker’s Multi-tool

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Nuggy: The Pot Smoker’s Multi-tool

The Nuggy multi-tool is a ten-in-one gadget designed specifically for pot smokers. This cool stoner gadget can take care of all of those weed problems that pop up from time to time.It has everything you need for rolling, shredding, dabbing, vaping, scraping, and poking. It also has a stainless steel construction and all of the tools are spring-locked.


The tools featured are scissors, a knife, roach clip, tamper, mini-spoon, bowl scraper, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, a poker, and an LED flashlight. This thing is great and it fits comfortably in your pocket. You’ll be surprised how much it comes in handy. Especially if you’re an everyday smoker. Don’t leave home without your Nuggy.

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