Roach Party – The Fun Adult Game For Stoners

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Roach Party – The Fun Adult Game For Stoners

Roach Party is a fun party board game that mimics the lifestyle of an everyday pot smoker. What many may not know is this game has been around for a long time and you really never hear anything about it.

It was originally released in 1979, right after Cheech & Chong’s first movie, Up in Smoke. Roach Party was sold in head shops when they began popping up in the 80’s. It had great success, sold thousands of copies and was even featured in High Times Magazine. All was good until feds started raiding the shops and merchandise was seized, thus resulting in the disappearance of this really awesome stoner game.

Fast forward 35 years, weed is everywhere and the people need to know….Roach Party is back on the scene. As a player, you need four things. Papers, baggies, fire, and a supplier. Once you gain enough money to pay your dealer, you win. If you like Weedopoly, you’ll love this gem.

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