Smoak Pipe: The Original Wooden Cigar Pipe

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The Smoak Pipe

Designed to be discreet, the Smoak Pipe was made to resemble a good old fashion cigar. It is a chillum styled pipe that great for travel, as it is basically indestructible. You no longer have to risk breaking your fancy glass pipes anymore.

Smoak Pipe Smoak Pipe

This Smoak is 100% all natural. They’re all hand crafted in the fine city of Chicago from North Amaerican white oak, then infused with hemp oil and sealed with a coat of beeswax. The bowl inlay is made from a non-porous high-temperature white ceramic that provides clean and very smooth hits. If you break a lot of bowls and are tired of buying pieces that don’t last, you may want to consider this trusty pipe.



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