The Perfect Crush Herb Grinder

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The Perfect Crush Herb Grinder

This Perfect Crush herb grinder is a step up from some of the other herb grinders. It’s made of heavy duty zinc alloy material which makes it extremely strong and durable. Zinc is a lot stronger and last longer than aluminum. The Perfect Crush Grinder is developed to give you the perfect crush every grind. That means no more herb getting jammed into the holes.

perfect crush herb grinder 2


  • 2.2 INCHES, 4 PIECES, 3 CHAMBERS, POLLEN CATCHER = BEST GRINDER; A Super Fine Pollen Filter and Deep Pollen Catch Makes Perfect Crush a Great Herb Grinder, Tobacco Grinder or Spice Grinder
  • PROTECTIVE, SLEEK, SEXY POLYESTER TRAVEL BAG FOR YOUR GRINDER; Travel In Style With Your Perfect Crush and Protect Your Grinder With Our Beautifully Designed Protective Polyester Bag!
  • HERB GRINDER CLEANING BRUSH INCLUDED; The ONLY Grinder on Amazon With a Cleaning Brush That Will Allow You To Clean Your Grinder Teeth & Screen To Ensure You Don’t Waste Any of Your Herb!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; Register For Your No-Hassles Lifetime Warranty When You Purchase a Perfect Crush. 


There are NONE. Its one of the best at at even better price.

$20.99    BUY IT HERE


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