Vintage Crush Grinder

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Vintage Crush Grinder

WOW! The new eye catching 4 piece Vintage Crush Grinder is simply beautiful. Extremely high quality, consistent grinds, and a very elegant design are just a few things that make the Vintage Crush Grinder one of the best grinders on the market today. This sleek and modern grinder really brings the style to your grinding.

  • HEAVY DUTY  Durable and solid heavy weight made to last forever! 
  • THICK SHARP TEETH  Tested on dense buds and crushed it with ease! 
  • EXTRA STRONG MAGNET  Made to hold the extra weight so no drops! 
  • POLLEN CATCHER  Filters pollen through fine screen and collects in bottom chamber! 
  • BONUS GOODS  Pollen Scraper  Cleaning Brush  Carry Case  Lifetime Guarantee! 

$19.97    BUY IT HERE


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