World’s Best Hitter Box – The Original & World Famous: Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers

World’s Best Hitter Box

Why they call it a zombie survival kit is beyond me but this really may be the world’s best hitter box. This new and improved hitter box has a new perma tight top, new brass cleaning tool, an xxl chamber and not one but two 3 inch bats. This thing is water proof, drop proof and thats right… Zombie crush proof.

World's Best Hitter Box World's Best Hitter Box

Most dugouts are made of wood. This one is made of a new industrial strength nylon which makes it possible to have such great features. It’s easy to wash, comfortable to carry, stays afloat if dropped in water, and is sure to hold up thru the apocalypse.

$39.99   BUY IT HERE


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